Wrongtools Dulcitone Pro KONTAKT (Premium)

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Wrongtools Dulcitone Pro KONTAKT

Wrongtools Dulcitone Pro KONTAKT   Free Download Latest . It is of  Wrongtools Dulcitone Pro KONTAKT    free download.

Wrongtools Dulcitone Pro KONTAKT   Overview

Dulcitone sampled with different sets of felt hammers

Patches 44
Variations 24
Samples 1500
Size 3.3 GB

Dulcitone sounds like an elderly celesta, with a quieter and rounder tone. We sampled two different Dulcitones with different piano hammers, cutting-edge technology.

The sound comes from tuning forks, which vibrate when struck by felt-covered hammers. We utilized a variation of different hammers.

Here’s a playful demo : Grieg Op 43 No 17 (Op.43-1) Butterfly, rearranged for Dulcitone Pro. Using the main patch only.

Dulcitone-Pro is a charming unusual alternative to piano.

Brings uniqueness and intimacy to emotional scoring moments.

Recorded with different piano-hammers
Key sounds, mechanics and quirks on separate faders

Instruments variations and unlimited sculptering

High-end microphones (Neumann, Coles)

Recorded in a dry scoring stage

Articulation ‘hammer’ switcher by ks or cc

Adjustable custom ir reverb

The instrument was overhauled by a professional piano restorer prior to the sampling session. Mechanics and pedal, squeaks and keysounds were recorded and mapped to individual tracks.

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