Wrongtools Soloist KONTAKT (Premium)

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Wrongtools Soloist KONTAKT   Free Download Latest . It is of  Wrongtools Soloist KONTAKT  free download.

Wrongtools Soloist KONTAKT  Overview


Patches 24 + 14
Samples 1690
Size 4 GB

Sampled from a re-capped well maintained vintage Soloist. But be warned : Just like the original, it is not for everybody’s taste. It is a non-polite grispy and grumpy thing.

Originally designed as a tool to quickly emulate different instruments, like cello, brass, piano, violins and fuzz guitar. It has 30 presets, but many of them sounds more or less alike. So we slimmed it down to the 19 best sounding ones.

This synth possesses a distinct, assertive, and crispy character. Our most inspiring sessions have been when we fervently relied solely on sounds from the Soloist, allowing the sounds themselves to take the lead!

A monophonic analog synthesizer introduced in 1972.

With its many presets sounds, including Flute, Bassoon, Brass, Fuzz Guitar, and more, this synth offers a nostalgic and lo-bit sonic palette.


Alongside features like pitch, portamento, vibrato, growl, and wow effects, the 37-key keyboard boasts aftertouch sensitivity for controlling volume, brilliance, vibrato, wow, and even bend effects. While basic filter (brilliance), envelope, and LFO controls enable some sound customization.


The Wrongtools Soloist remains a straightforward monosynth, true to its origins. Manually recorded three times over, for three round-robins.


The synth’s illustrious legacy includes being featured in the creations of Prince, McCartney, Genesis, Parliament, Philip Glass, Jon Lord, Bee Gees, Quincy Jones, Coldcut, Gary Numan, Herbie Hancock, and Vangelis.

As these keyboards lack CV or MIDI capabilities, we painstakingly played each key individually, recording all presets meticulously. This process was repeated three times to achieve three distinct round-robin variations. Ultimately, we handpicked the 19 finest presets from these recordings, all of which are now featured in this library.

Experience the sounds of a grispy diamond and add the best patches from this lo-bit charming analog synth to your collection. A distinct, and non negotiable stubborn synth with lots of personality

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