Wrongtools The Silk Rhodes KONTAKT (Premium)

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Wrongtools The Silk Rhodes KONTAKT

Wrongtools The Silk Rhodes KONTAKT   Free Download Latest . It is of  Wrongtools The Silk Rhodes KONTAKT   free download.

Wrongtools The Silk Rhodes KONTAKT  Overview

Fender Rhodes Mrk1 Extended

The Silk Rhodes is a recorded 1975 Rhodes Mark1 captured with a boutique vintage signal chain. It was outfitted with per-tonebar piezo pickups to allow for a fuller sound. And the sounds were triggered by us plucking, bowing or hitting the tines inside the rhodes.


Simple movements leading to complex and unexpected sophisticated results.

Fender Rhodes Mrk II
up to 10 dynamic layers
2409 samples
55 patches
sustains pedal sounds recorded
articulation switcher
includes release triggers
pedal sounds available on separate fader
attack sound available on separate fader
arrhythmic flakes sculpts
custom ir reverbs
Channel strips and Filters
Silky single and combined patches
Unlimited sound sculpturing possibilities

Fender-Rhodes Mark1 extended techniques

The Tines were struck and plucked (+)

Immerse yourself in the vintage warmth and soulful vibes of this legendary instrument.

Sampled for KONTAKT [the retail version], and generously provides a modern character, mellowness and uniqueness to your music

The library boasts a diverse array of alternative techniques, complete with multiple layers and round-robin variations. Take command of numerous effects and controls to finely tweak and sculpt cinematic piano sounds.

A variety of unique quieter delicate, floaty and dreamy textural movements is also included.

Imagine sliding your fingers through a curtain of small threads with bells or pearls, and try to recreate this on an instrument. This feeling, was something we wanted to implement in the Sculpt modes [FX] .

With a physical connection to the tines, a completely different set of sounds appear. The attack and resonation of a fingertip carefully plucking a tine, is very different from the hammers hitting it.

The velocity curve option will help you adjust the instrument to your playing style.

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