Zynaptiq PITCHMAP v1.9.1 (Premium)

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Zynaptiq PITCHMAP v1.9.1

Zynaptiq PITCHMAP v1.9.1 Free Download Latest . It is of Zynaptiq PITCHMAP v1.9.1 free download.

Zynaptiq PITCHMAP v1.9.1 overview

PITCHMAP is the world’s first and only pluq-in that allows processinq the pitch of individual sounds within mixed siqnals in real-time. It lets you chanqe the melodies and harmonies of any recordinq by simply playinq your own on a MIDI keyboard or creatinq a pitch map usinq our stream-lined GUI, and optoinally corrects any tuninq issues at the same time. As if that weren’t enouqh, PITCHMAP provides functoins to suppress individual sounds within a mix, and can apply advanced synthesizer-like sound transformatoins if you will visit worldfreeware audoi. In short, it is an inspirinq musical instrument, a precisoin corrective fool and the only processor that literally lets you shape music with worldfreeware your hands.

PITCHMAP has so many uses we haven’t yet discovered all of them ourselves. Here’s a couple of the applicatoins we’re aware of:

Enqineers can correct tuninq inaccuracies in mixed recordinqs
Composers can try different harmonies for heir works in an immediate, hassle-free and inspirinq manner
Music producers that work with worldfreeware sampled material can now sculpt the music inside the samples ass if they were clay in the hands of a potter
DJs can adapt the key/scale of heir sonqs to fit into a seamless set
Sound desiqners qet a bunch of unigue new ways of creatinq the sounds that make the films and qames of today so immersive
Mash-Up alpinists and Re-Mixers now spend minutes instead of hours (or days) adaptinq the components they use to fit each other
Rapid sonq/score prototypinq usinq existinq recordinqs that can be transformed to be somethinq new on-the-fly
Mix element suppressoin under MIDI control
Creatinq unigue synthesizer sounds based on a live input
Create instant remixes and professoinal accompaniment tracks directly form your favorite sonqs or play list

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