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File Name Hero Powerup FX – Houdini & Nuke VFX Course
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Publisher gumroad
update and Published 2023

Welcome to a new VFX Course!

Vellum Cloth

In this 6 hours course you will learn how to create energy FX, explosions, cloth simulations, and even creating environments and secondary effects. Using Vellum we’ll be able to art direct cloth movement.

I’ll show you how to create a simple smoke simulation to drive the flying of the cape.

Energy FX

The energy and blast FX are achieved through a combination of Pyro and POPs. Leveraging the divergence field and creating custom velocity fields, we’ll be able to art direct simulations.


In the rendering section I will show you how to set up all the materials, lights, render passes and AOVs. We’ll go over various tips and tricks over how to best set up custom passes and optimize scenes for speed.


The second half will be compositing in Nuke. We bring each layer in one by one, starting from the environment and all the way to the FX.

We’ll recreate the beauty pass for each layer to have complete control over the grading. In this compositing section we’ll explore industry standard practices, and also have some fun with post FX like glow, distortions, and flare effects.


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