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File Name Magical Rock Assembly – Houdini & Nuke VFX Course
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Publisher gumroad
update and Published 2023

We are going to start this course by fracturing our Hand geometry using voronoi and boolean techniques.

Procedural SOP Setup

After we create our fractured pieces, we are going to set up the assembly animation entirely at the SOP level.

The motion of the pieces will be determined by curves that we can art direct and change in real time, without having to resimulate anything.

So we are going to create this assembly animation without the use of any solvers.

Custom Particle Movement

After we set up the geometry assembly, the other layers will be created in more of the traditional way, with the help of solvers.

For the particle streams, we’re going to base the movement on the curves that we created for our assembly.

Here we will use an advanced setup in VOPs to have complete control over the motion

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